Ebay ESP8266 pinout - model ESP-01

This particular ESP8266 was bought off Ebay from China. Ebay has all kinds of ESP8266 models. My version is ESP-01it was bought in 2014 and it looks like this.

China Ebay ESP8266 pinout

ESP8266 board connections:

  • 3.3V power supply
  • GPIO0 and GPIO2 are 2 general purpose input/output pins. GPIO0 will be set to GND only when loading the firmware
  • CH_PD must be in pullup mode when programming only
  • RST in pullup mode
Warning! ESP8266 does not support 5V on either of its pins.

References: The image was taken from www.electroschematics.com and the information from www.whatimade.today

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